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"Na imię mam Kasia i jestem uczniem 2. klasy". Androcentryczne zwyczaje językowe w podręcznikach szkolnych (i edukacji)

  1. Agnieszka Małocha-Krupa


My name is Kasia and I am a second grade student. Androcentric linguistic habits in school textbooks (and in education)


Adopting a research perspective characteristic of feminist linguistics, the author examines several textbooks and teaching aids that have been published since 2004, the year Poland entered the European Union and the gender mainstreaming strategy was systematically applied in all areas of social and political life. The analysed texts include both positive examples of the application of the linguistic symmetry principle or a gender-neutral language, and examples of extremely androcentric linguistic messages.

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Kształcenie Językowe

8 (18), 2010

Strony od 25 do 34

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