Czasopisma Naukowe w Sieci (CNS)

Poetyckie inspiracje w kształceniu humanistycznym, przyrodoznawczym i geograficznym

  1. Maria Ostasz


Poetic inspirations in teaching humanities, natural history and geography


The article examines the possibilities of using ludic and cognitive functions of poetry for children in the teaching process. The author argues that this type of literature contains ready-made game scenarios that can be used to teach children spontaneously how to introduce order into the world which for them is syncretic or even chaotic. The analysed poems – game scenarios – can help small children to recognise social conventions and rules, prepare for a life in culture, learn to use abstract knowledge, become accustomed to linguistic rules and literary conventions, explore natural history and acquire knowledge of Polish geography. The author uses as examples poems by Konopnicka, Tuwim, Brzechwa, Kubiak, Kern, Chotomska, Ratajczak, Janczarski and Różewicz.

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Kształcenie Językowe

8 (18), 2010

Strony od 111 do 131

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