(N)etykieta językowa w listach elektronicznych kierowanych do wykładowców

  1. Michalina Biernacka


Linguistic (n)etiquette in e-mails addressed to lecturers


The aim of the article is to examine the components of e-mails addressed to lecturers as well as elements of linguistic etiquette that should be observed without exception in this sub-genre. The author conducts a qualitative and quantitative analysis of 292 e-mails written by students to lecturers at the University of Łódź. She analyses the various components of the e-mails, i.e. Subject, heading, closing formula, signature, postscript as well as date, graphic layout of the message or emoticons. The results of her research indicate the types of mistakes related to linguistic politeness that appear both in the content of messages and in the e-mail components listed above. In her conclusions the author points to the increasingly frequent attempts to reduce formality in the analysed type of texts (which confirms the thesis that e-mails are becoming more like direct conversations) and to reduce the distance between the sender and the addressee, whose status is by no means equal.



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Kształcenie Językowe

9 (19), 2011

Pages from 91 to 104

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