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Metafory dyskursu intertekstualności, metaforyka tekstylna

  1. Paweł Jarnicki


Metaphors of the intertextual discourse, textile metaphors

Metaphor has been traditionally defined as only a rhetorical (or stylistic) device; whereas the presence of rhetorical figures suggests persuasion rather than cognition, and any illustration of problems is there only to help in instruction. The cognitive theory of metaphor (although its subject is no longer the same) makes it possible to show the cognitive value of metaphor, to find metaphors where they may not be immediately noticed and, consequently, to show how by illustrating problems we can only create a new cognitive perspective, a new conceptual pattern. The present article focuses on textile/weaving metaphors used by the theory of intertextuality (in Polish literary studies).

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13 (23), 2015

Strony od 49 do 72

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